The link between the stars and your spirit

The psychological study of spirituality and stars dates back to the turn of the century. A number of theories have been developed over the years in an attempt to establish a relation between the two. The stars can measure and perceive the aspect of people’s destiny. On the other hand, spirituality is a process of personal transformation. While both cannot be measured by modern science, we look at the aspects of both to gain a deeper understanding.

The Science of Spirituality

Just like modern science, astrology is also a part of science. Astrology is considered as the Science of Spirituality. As modern science is based on observation and inferences, astrology too is also based on these procedural steps. The history of astrology dates back to 1200 B.C., and its roots lie in the ancient Indian Vedic Scriptures. Astrologers use the position of stars to predict upcoming events in a man’s life based on the life cycle of stars and their position. There are seven spiritual centers in our body. They are endocrine glands, popularly known as “chakras” in the East. They affect the emotion and motivation of a spiritual seeker and help him to reach the higher spiritual planes.

Your future is in front of you

In astrology, we know that in 3 weeks the planets will be in a precise location and we will know your state of mind at that time. So you agree that by looking at the position of the stars, we look at the future. We know they will be there. So we will use this information of the future to help you in the present. With astrology and quantum physics, there is constantly an interconnection between the present, the past and the future. Do not stay alone! There is no inevitability, you can take control of your destiny, reorient your life and achieve your goals.